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Whether your plans call for a retaining wall 1,000 feet in length or a retaining wall capable of coping with the added load surcharges of a structure or commercial loading bay, we have you covered.

At Terra Firma, we are fully equipped to meet your project and on-site demands, from stamped engineering drawings to geotechnical analysis and reports and the supply and installation of customized retaining wall systems.
There are hundreds of different retaining wall systems on the market. The type of retaining wall that you need is dependent on the site and soil conditions. For example, a site that has a severe slope or poor soil conditions is not an ideal candidate for a gravity retaining wall. Instead, a mechanically stabilized retaining wall with a deeper, more robust foundation would be a better choice.

It is best to contact a specialized retaining wall contractor well in advance as the design and permit phase of the project can take considerable time and resources. We are fully equipped to service commercial and industrial clients in Burlington, Etobicoke, Grimsby, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan & surrounding areas.

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